Thursday, January 6, 2011

to blog or not to blog.... that is the question

ok, so i got super inspired by a sister at church who is doing a blog. ive been contemplating for a while if i should start one, and i think im gonna give it a whirl. looks like fun . thanks sis Katie! 

I guess I should start with an "about me" kinda thing and make that my first entry. 

so here we go

I was born and raised in Florida, so i guess i can be called a florida cracker lol. Naples is what I call "home" but for now I live in Bradenton.
I'm married to a wonderful man, Patrick , and have three amazing kids, Lauryn (7) Johnny (2) and Spencer (1). Patrick and I married in April 2007 while we lived in Maryville, TN. we actually met at work in Naples, in 2004. We would like to have one more baby, and then I think that will complete our little family. Not sure when it will happen, but we have prayed about it and we really really want another one. I want SO much to have a little girl. above any other reason, I never had a sister, so I would love for Lauryn to have a sister. And it would balance things out, we would have 2 boys and 2 girls. i love dressing little baby girls up. so much fun. but that is out of our hands, i want what God has for me. As long as he or she is healthy, we will be happy!

In November 2008, we surrendered our hearts and lives to the Lord and were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.
The Lord did such a work in my life, in my husbands life, i enjoy telling our testimony, so just ask me sometime. The Lord brought us out of a life full of smoking, drinking, and drugs, among other things. It is amazing at what God can do to a person, how He can just change the desires of your heart. I am so greatful to Him, what a mighty God we serve!

I like crafts. I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and i am SUPER excited about learning. i want to learn to make a quilt, and i want to be able to make skirts and dresses for me and my daughter. Right now, i am trying to start a mini business called Bella Creations by Tiffany. i make tutu skirts and hair accessories for little girls (and hair accessories for little girls at heart hehe) I am also going to be making pacifier holders and I have even thought about making doggy tutus. lol we shall see.
I was making soy wax teddy bears but it didnt work out too well, turns out there isnt that big of a market for them. who knew?

I love having fellowship, i love cooking for people, i love laughing and making people laugh. We try to have people over as much as possible. I really like having our youth over, i have a tender spot on my heart for our youth at church. I KNOW how hard things can be, I was out in the world most of my life. I hope that in someway, i can be a testimony for our young people, and an encouragement somehow, in some way.

 other little tidbits....hmmmm lets see....i like watching my children learn new things, i love watching them when they dont know i am watching them, thats when fun stuff happens lol. Just the other day, I came around the corner and found my 2 year old "coaching" my one year old, how to say "mama" .... lol! my heart! they were setting in front of each other, it was so cute!

Earlier this year, i decided that it was time to get into shape. I have struggled with weight all of my life. Apparently i was born with no thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for maintaining height, weight, metabolism, and brain function. They found this in my pku levels and i began taking levothyroxine (artificial thyroid hormones) at just 8 days old! i believe that the Lord gave me a thyroid, im just waiting for my healing to manifest :) for now, i will just do what i can to take the extra weight off. im STILL 20 over what i was before i got pregnant with my 7 year old!
i just bought a bike, and am trying to get into shape. over the last 6 months or so i lost 40 pounds, and then over the last 2 months i gained 10 (booooooo), so im trying to get back on the wagon persay. i like food a little too much. ugh. it is NOT easy for me to lose weight, so i get super discouraged very easily, and tend to fall off the wagon alot. i cant tell you how many diet wagons ive dove off of.

oh yes,,,,,one last thing for now, i am getting into true couponing. i cant wait ! i am in total awe of how much money people are saving by couponing and i want i make it sound like a secret club or something but for real, i cant wait to start. i even got a sweet new coupon organizer today. my hubs gonna be so proud of the organization! (thats a whole story on its own lol)

ok its really late and i think i basically got everything .... i think. . . .

above everything else, i love the Lord and do the best to serve Him with all of my heart. i will never be perfect, but i try to make Him happy in whatever i do.

i think thats about it for right now. Good night. Lord bless you!

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